Oceanodroma macrodactyla
Critically Endangered, Possibly Extinct

barn owl is a cancer and developmental neurobiology researcher, medical educator, and frustrated natural historian; long-limbed, long digits, Northern European peasant and barbarian stock, lots of wild hair and prone to intellectual wild hares. Interests wander incessantly. Strong Luddite tendencies. Congenitally incapable of silence and acceptance in the face of social or environmental injustice.



  1. Hi barn owl–
    I’m hosting Tangled Bank this week (Wednesday) and I stopped by to see if you’d consider submitting a post. I liked the Trisomy 21 post (did a journal club on it myself a couple weeks ago) but I’d be glad to include anything you want. If you don’t know about Tangled Bank, read about it at http://tangledbank.net. Thanks for considering it.

  2. Hi Barn Owl,

    Could you please e-mail me. I have an interesting proposition for you.

    Bora aka Coturnix
    A Blog Around The Clock

    Coturnix AT gmail DOT com

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