Posted by: barn owl | August 26, 2008

Feather Lace

I received a wonderful book called Exquisite Little Knits, by Iris Schreier and Laurie J. Kinmmelman, which has the subtitle “Knitting with Luxurious Specialty Yarns”. I decided to try knitting lace for the first time, and started with the Feathery Lace Stole pattern. Here’s what it looks like so far:


Knit on size 8 needles, in Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze (70% super kid mohair/30% silk), colorway Majestic. However, I thought that the yarn was the color of dove feathers, and I’ve included a feather from an Inca Dove in the photo. It knits up very soft, and will make a wonderful evening wrap for the mild autumn temperatures here. I don’t think the stole will need to be blocked, once it’s finished (I’m about halfway there).



  1. Oh, it looks dreamy!!

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