Posted by: barn owl | April 13, 2008

Osedax yarniflorax

Here’s a photo of my crocheted version of the bone-eating marine polychaete, Osedax.  I don’t have access to a whale skull, so I photographed it with a cow skull.  I made this in response to a challenge on the ScienceBlog Deep Sea News.

I’ll write up the pattern and add it to this post later-it was mostly free-form crochet, so the pattern will be more of a suggestion, than detailed instructions.  Besides, it’s best to use up scraps of yarn from other projects, to make your own Osedax.




  1. You have time to crochet… you have time to put together a self-respecting environmental science post. 😉

    I enjoy reading your blog…

  2. You’re right, Rebecca…I need to get back to my usual blog topics!

    There are a couple of great environmental science papers I downloaded a couple of weeks ago, and they deserve some discussion. Also want to start a series on urban/suburban wildlife!

  3. Oh my god! Has it really been over a month??? I’m so sorry, but its been really busy over here trying to finish my masters degree and look for a job.

    I LOVE the wormy! I’ll make sure it gets the proper respect it deserves. Could you email me your address again though, I lost the box it came it 😦
    kzelnio at gmail dot com

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