Posted by: barn owl | April 8, 2008

Pelagia plastica

Not much time or energy to write worthwhile blog posts recently; too many lectures and lab classes to prepare and present these last two weeks. Things will slow down a bit, though I have some grading and lecture notes to work on, as well as actual benchwork (yay!) tomorrow. There’s an interesting olfaction paper I want to write about, and a couple of environmental toxicology articles in the queue.

In the meantime, I’ll post a photo of a jellyfish I crocheted from plastic yarn recently (I’ve felt that I have the brains of a jellyfish when I get home from work lately). It is loosely modeled on Pelagia spp. jellyfish, and I created the yarn from newspaper wrappers that friends at work saved for me. I used the hyperbolic crochet technique for the tentacles, and a simple cap pattern for the bell. All parts were crocheted using a size L hook.



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