Posted by: barn owl | February 6, 2008

Toxics Thursday: Mercury from Coal-fired Power Plants


Image: 2007 summer flooding, San Geronimo Creek, Bexar and Medina Counties, Texas
photo by barn owl © 2008

Mercury is a persistent environmental contaminant which, in its characteristic form methyl mercury, can cause neurodevelopmental abnormalities in rodent embryos and neonates. In Texas, hundreds of thousands of waterway acres are contaminated with mercury and other pollutants, and the major source of mercury is emissions from coal-fired power plants.

At “Respectful Insolence”, ScienceBlogger Orac has done a masterful job presenting peer-reviewed research, and debunking anti-vaccination misinformation about (imagined) links between mercury in thimerosol and autism. It seems to me that people who are concerned about mercury and other potential developmental neurotoxins would do better to turn their attention to agricultural and industrial pollutants in the environment.

See the Clean Water Action website for more details:


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